Why us

"Protecting and stimulating your MinieMe's skin and body defense mechanism in the four folds of natural and non-toxic ways is our utmost priority."

Our cherry-picked list of ingredients are toxin-free , natural and safe to use on your MinieMe. Our extensive and rigorous research has paved way for the formulation of our range of products. Our products are gentle for your MinieMe's body and skin. Our formulated products will boost your kid's natural body defense mechanism and keep your MinieMe protected. We, at MinieMe strongly believe that the human body is capable of taking care of itself if the body is not exposed to toxins, unnatural and untested chemicals in the name of skincare, and protection.
With our organic hydrosols, oils, and natural extracts we keep your MinieMe in the fore-fold of mother nature. The natural, and toxin-free nature of our products enables us to fulfill our goal of being gentle on your MinieMe's sensitive and delicate skin. Elimination of unwanted elements is what has helped to formulate our natural and toxin-free range of products.
Unnatural and toxic skin-care products include untested and unnatural chemicals that are very harsh on kids. These harsh elements and toxins wash away the good bacteria along with the bad ones. These good bacteria are very essential to maintain the body's natural defense mechanism. Our intricate formulation process has not only enabled us to minimize the harshness and eliminate the unnatural and toxic ingredients but has also enabled us to retain the good bacteria as well. Keeping all the MinieMe’s least exposed to toxins and chemicals will enable your kids to fight against pathogens and irritants even better and naturally. Our ingredients also fight against the unwanted bacteria by not killing it at the expense of your MinieMes skin tolerance, but it naturally closes down the bacterial cell wall to prevent it from causing any kind of harm to your MinieMe. The bio-selective substrate nature of our ingredients strengthens your child's first line of defense and keeps the child from external attacks and inflammations.