"Parent's love - Experienced as a kid and lived as an adult."

Going with what my heart desires has helped me to paint my life canvas with colors from all across the spectrum. After getting a master's degree in Business Finance, I did what comes most naturally to me and worked in a very wide spectrum of professions, be it working in the finance sector or the entertainment industry. The pure feeling of being a parent gave me colossal amount of happiness and drive, but the joy comes with even bigger responsibilities. A feeling of extreme concern about providing my MinieMe with the safest nourishment and care possible. I inherit this level of concern and inspiration for showering my MinieMe with unconditional love and care from my father and I made his warmth and love the driving force behind fulfilling and living my parenthood to the fullest. His extremely concerned nature about his responsibilities as a father is contagious which made me research extensively about the ingredients and compositions of the products I was using on my MinieMe to make sure that I do everything in my power for her protection.
That's when my journey from parenthood to conscience parenthood started. My extensive research work made me conclude that the number of toxins and unnatural ingredients were endless and the effect of these toxins on kids was unimaginably harmful and undesired.
This was the most concerned and worried I had ever been and from that point on I undertook a mission of providing not only me but all my fellow parents with a natural and toxin-free range of products for all of us to completely live and experience the feeling of responsible parenting and most importantly protecting all the kids from products with harmful toxins. I decided to bring to everyone a range of reliable and natural products to turn to, where parents will be looking for authenticity in the products and most importantly the safest option possible for their own MinieMe’s. The only question that bothered me during the formulation process was, Will I use the products I will be providing to other parents on my own MinieMe? If the answer was anything other than a yes, then my mission would have come to a standstill as all I offer to all the parents is also dedicated as a mark of gratefulness and respect to my constant source of strength, solidarity, and love. MinieMe will always look beyond the commercial aspect of things and provide the safest option possible for a fulfilling parenthood.
Esha W Arora