We have made nourishment and cleansing of your baby’s skin, hair, and body as convenient and joyful as possible. We bring to you our certified tear-free, toxin-free, and organic Natural Baby Head to Toe Wash. We have formulated our products in such a way that it perfectly goes with the sensitive and delicate nature of an infant’s skin and body.
Our product will help your baby develop a robust natural skin defense mechanism and immunity as the presence of Alpha-glucan oligosaccharide will not wash off and kill the good and essential bacteria with the harmful ones. The addition of Calendula makes our formulation anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial to which infants are usually very prone. Our  Natural Baby Head to Toe Wash also nourishes, cleanses, moisturizes, and takes care of your MinieMe’s hair as it contains ingredients like Apricot oil and Coconut oil.
The inclusion of Watermelon Seed Oil will help the baby to strike a perfect skin balance as it has proven to be a good cleanser and absorber. We have also included organic orange hydrosol for its citric and exfoliating nature which will help with cleaning up the skin pores and getting rid of grime and dirt. The presence of Vitamin E will enhance the baby’s skin quality and thicken the skin layers, making it stronger and tougher.


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