About us

"a gift from one parent to another."

The concern of a parent is something we, here at MinieMe have lived and completely understand. Our aim is to provide parents with a natural, toxin-free, and safe range of products. Safety and protection of one's MinieMe is the primary concern of most of the parents, keeping that in mind we have formulated our products to negate the fear of your MinieMe's exposure to toxins and unnatural compounds.
MinieMe has imbibed the true parenting nature of being protective and harmless. We, here at MinieMe care the most about the safety and protection of all the MinieMe's out there. Our core belief and purpose is to provide all MinieMe's with the safest products and keep the true parenting nature of selfless protection and care very much alive.
In this day and age when the market is flooded with skincare products with harmful chemicals and toxins, our purpose is to provide the parents with child-friendly toxin-free products to keep their MinieMe's from harmful chemicals and toxins that might cause both, short-term and long-term health complications.
We firmly believe that mother nature has the cure and solution for everything. We have been drifting away from natural remedies and solutions and have been leaned towards synthetic and toxic products for solving even the most basic of health-related problems. Our motive is to bring back the natural element in a way to take care of our kids and safeguard them from toxic and unnatural products.
We have formulated our products to go hand in hand with the level of sensitivity and responsiveness of kid’s body. We are trying our best to keep the MinieMe's as close to mother nature as possible so that they can retain and amplify their body's natural mechanism to fight and get rid of the toxins that they take in because of their unavoidable exposure to the urban world.
We all want the best for our MinieMe's and our mission is to use this commonality to bring all the parents out there under one roof and make them aware of the harms that are being done to their kids and make them go back to the non-toxin and natural way of living.