“An assortment of nostalgia of finding your safe heaven in your parents, along with the contagiously lovely and caring parental nature of the found safe heaven, we bring to you our range of products packed with mother natures protection and unconditional parental warmth and affection.”

“The sense of trust and feeling of love and excitement that a toddler experiences while being tossed up in the air by a parent is one of the purest feelings that someone can observe and live. We here at MinieMe are trying our best to create a similar bond of trust and dependence among the parents so that they have us to turn to while looking for products to nourish and protect their MinieMe’s health.“

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Celebrating the pure joy and bliss of infancy and parenting comes with an enormous amount of happiness and responsibilities. We all have stories of feeling safe and away from all our fear in the presence of our parents. We here at MinieMe understand the parental concerns about your child's health and well-being and have tried our best to keep your fears dormant through our not-toxic, allergy-free, and made products.